Na-If, acronym for Natural Interfaces, was founded in 2010 soon arriving among the leaders in the research and development of new technologies for human-machine interaction,
especially for management and supervision of complex systems.
Technology is more effective the less its presence is noticeable: this is the Na-If inspiring concept.

Na-If merges virtual with real.

You will be transported into a cognitive experience, a never experienced new way of interacting with information, that engages all five senses, improves collaboration and increases each users’ potentialities.

Imagine the simpler and more natural interface to interact with, a flat surface.

Now imagine that this surface can recognize and react to the presence of physical objects, whether a glass, a cell phone or identification card, and, moreover, enables direct control of contents such as photos, music and maps.

Na-if changes common objects, such as a shop window or a simple table, in a dynamic surface that provides a natural interaction with all types of digital contents through simple gestures and physical objects.

Na-if allows people to have full control of their experience with technology, so that everyday life activities are more enjoyable and efficient.

Na-if replaces traditional mouse and keyboard, allowing, on the same interface, more people to contemporary interact with contents and informations offered.

Na-if brings natural interaction with the digital world in a new and exciting modality.

Na-if proposes innovative solutions and experimental products in the sphere of natural interfaces.

Na-if operates with the most advanced technologies on the market, integrating them with its own products and creating new Technology.

Na-if is highly involved in Research&Development of new man-machine interface technologies.


To become one of the best “Driver” in the field of emerging “man-machine interface” technologies, especially in managing and supervising complex systems.

To sell software products, both proprietary and/or in partnership with major players in the international arena, and to protect our and our customers’ business.

To establish our competitive advantage on the knowledge we have of emerging technologies, as multi-touch and other complementary technologies (visual and neural recognition, for ex.),
on the innovative capacity of our proposal and on our operating efficiency.

Na-if can claim, as point of distinction, a superior ability to reserve our customers an impeccable support in the design phase, an offer based on highly technological and innovative solutions and a comprehensive post-sales service, focused to the complete customer satisfaction.

Why to choose Na-if?

Na-If is not only a framework, or a set of applications, but it is a true multi-touch system.
Na-if has developed its own hardware on which it’s realized its operative system, conceived and optimized for this type of solution with all the drivers included. Finally, it was created a framework and then the applications whose performances are obviously higher than other competing systems.

Moreover Na-if is created to realize innovative solutions for the enterprise market, and it is able to work on complex systems.

Na-if has its own SDK which consent to intervene on libraries to add, with extreme ease, new functionalities. About the required computing power, Na-if can be easily mounted in work station or in a line of server housed in a rack.

The solution Na-if implements are compatible with all operative systems: Win7, OSX Lion and, obviously, Linux. Also Na-if is compatible with Trust Systems.

Na-If long explored the possibility that touch technology offers and it is able to shape the solution according to customer’s needs and according to the environmental conditions.
Often it happens that some solutions that are perfectly suited to specific needs, are not sufficient to solve others.
The flexibility that Na-If offers comes from a deep knowledge of technology and products, allowing them to adapt the solution to the specific needs and to integrate external technologies where necessary.

Na-if solutions are modular, that means that customer can compose its own solution using Na-if, or other Firm components, to obtain the best product that suite his needs.
Once passed the rigorous tests that Na-If performs on all its products, the solution will be implemented and released to the final customer.
The same goes for Na-If software. All components are easily customizable and can be integrated, as conceived for an open world, in which everyone can give its contribution.
Na-If controls the entire productive flow, from hardware to software according to the following productive steps:

Hardware realisation
Operating System optimization
Framework adjustment to particular requirements
Applications realisation/customization

Na-If is open to the interaction with external devices of various nature, being them mobile devices, totem stations distributed on the territory, IP cameras or external systems.
The network Na-If creates in a powerfull system of collaboration and diffusion of contents.


Na-If can present itself in totally different shapes and functionalities as desk, interactive wall used from exposure, info-point or public exercise table.
Na-If shape and design are devised on the needs of usage and context in which it will be embedded.

The implementative plus Na-If offers, undergoes three main requirementd, and in particular:

High scenic effect solutions, in which a strong impact is fundamental to attract attention.

Solutions designed to increase contents usability for those users that, due to physical impediments or lack of technological knowledge were cut off, contributing in this way to the reduction of the digital divide.
Solutions aimed at the realization of applications so far impossible with the technologies nowdays on the market, able to exploit the technological innovations that Na-If offers, such as the Multi-user experience, direct manipulation of content and positional identification and recognition of objects placed on the its surface.

Na-if is meant both as solution and ready-to-Go product and as End-to-End ad hoc solutions realized ​​according to customer’s requirements.

Na-If solutions allow to create the perfect setting for multi-user collaborative environments, monitoring and control, and for all those advanced and high complexity applications that requires a new, natural and innovative kind of interaction.
That’s Na-If Experience.

Na-if projects, always realized together with the customer, aimed at creating Hardware-Software systems designed to meet any specific needs.

All the solutions pass different steps such as planning, development, interaction design and prototyping of the new system and then the integration of Na-if technology with existing applications.
The integration with various applications can be done through Na-If DK framework, available for different platforms.

Na-If Table and Na-If Wall are, at the moment, the products offered as ready-to-Go.

These systems include all those technologies that make Na-If a unique “object”. Particular attention was paid to both hardware and software scalability, making each unit easily customizable both in shapes and sizes.

Na-If systems are interactive, multi-user and able to communicate with other Na-If systems or with any other visible system on the network. In its lounge version, Na-If is able to recognize objects.
Through the use of contactless smartcard, users can access the system in authenticated mode, logging in to their own, or multimedia shared, working area.
Being this interactive-surface multi-user by nature, the user can share files or multimedia materials with others, and will be able to share or use personally a selected application.

Business areas
Tactical and strategic plans
Command and control room
Virtual conference systems
Online gaming systems
Virtual augmented lectures
Social tables
District access point
Smart surfaces for public places
Events and presentations
Health surfaces for hospital centre


Na-If realises different hardware solutions using both proprietary technologies or integrating external components in its own system.
This flexibility allows Na-If to mix its own innovation with external contributions so to obtain the best solution to fit customer’s needs.

Na-If constantly experience all different technologies the market offers, adapting them to its framework.
This commitment allows Na-If to present always well-advanced solutions and to be in constant evolution.

Na-If uses a proprietary framework to develop its own applications. Na-If SDK libraries are the result of years of experience and enable manipulation of content and the extremely fast creation of, customizable, applications.
Na-If DK is designed to develop complex applications and provides advanced tools that allow the interaction with Storages, file systems and complex data structures.

Na- If has developed a proprietary operating system:
Na- If OS (Linux Kernel) optimized for the management of multitouch hardware.
Na- If OS is extremely high performative in managing multitouch and multiuser applications, even compared to the competitor operating systems (Win7, OSX Lion).
This happen because a “classic” OS is designed to handle inputs one by one, feature reflected on applications architecture, that allow one operation at time (point and click of the mouse).
Na-If framework and applications, however, can even work on Win7 or OSX, depending on the customer’s needs.

Na-If collaborates with leading international technology manufacturers, who allowed our Company to experience a wide range of products. The different technologies used by Na-If to implement their solutions are:

* Optics Cameras + Ir illuminator – from 55 “to 80″ – technology that can recognize objects and touches

* Ir frame: 46 “to 80″ – Technology able to recognize touches

* Capacitive screens: up to 32 “- Technology able to recognize touches

Case Studies

Solution created to increase the potential those “normal” walls nowdays present in control rooms of airports, railways and available for military bodies and civil protection.
The project realized for a major Italian airline, consists of a front-end with a console operator and a strategic board entirely touch and a back-end part with a business engine intelligence that
processes and analyzes a large amount of data to highlight any possible criticality on flight status and related services.

With the touch of one hand, several operators at the same time can access the details of the required information, modify units deployment, send information to the units or to any other system in the network, so to have a much faster analysis of any problem should arise, without losing sight of the of the situation.

A project, realised for an important Italian brand, to showcase in a really original way all the products in a shop. The customer can immediately know if the product he/she want is available, in which colors, sizes and any other information can help to make the purchase.

Project realised for a major international military organization.
Exploiting the potential of interaction between physical objects and virtual maps, Na-If allows user, simply working on the table to deploy and move his units, managing position and pointing; to associate, for each component of the system, all the characteristics of movement, type of equipment and properties of the selected unit.
Moreover, loading in background a GIS map of the operational area with detailed territorial information, the user is able to test and, whether necessary, change his strategy in real time, analyzing the different scenarios produced by the choices done.
In addition, using a secure connection, user can share the experience with other tables scattered throughout the territory.

Na-If the solution designed for museums is composed of interactive totems connected to an internal network all visitors can access.
Users can thus visit the museum using a wide range of explaining contents that lead to discover various exhibition itinerary through the museum, guided tours in their mother tongue, to download brochures and multimedia content, and much more.

Na- If is active in the medical sector and develops medical solutions for a major German industry.
Doctors can use touch screens during surgery to check medical records of patients and access to all useful information.

Na-If, together with a major firm of drones, is developing an environment monitoring system using cameras mounted on flying drones.
All data collected by the drones are sent in real time to the Na-If management system. The operator can control what happens and change the route of each drone.
All gather informations are displayed on a georeferenced map that contains a wealth of information concerning the territory, even from remote database and sensors across the country.
Touching the surface of Na-If, the operator can open a videoconference and share the contents of the table he is working on.

School is an innovative system that allows teachers to make multimedial, interactive lessons to the class. The teacher is provided with a Na-If desk on which prepare and present everyday lessons.

Students, using a monitor, for ex. their iPad, can communicate with the teacher’s desk.
In the classroom there is a wall, managed by the teacher’s desk, which replaces the traditional blackboard.


Na-If allows an innovative experience of multi-user interaction, natural and immediate that enables collaborative use of multimedia space, sharing information and applications.
The surface is able to interpret gestures of one or more simultaneous users, and in its lounge version recognizes “tagged” objects, distinguishing them from common objects and
making them interactive with maps or multimedia applications.
Each user can access his/her own applications (relative to their profile) or use the shared ones.

Images, videos and documents can be exchanged among users already in the system or among users connected to the Na-If network.
Through simple gestures, it is also possible to easily save contents on other device (smartphones, netbooks) connected via wifi or bluetooth, or PenMemory via USB. The collaborative multi-user experience makes Na-if a unique in kind system that leverages existing technologies and, through its software, is able to offer a new vision of the human-machine interaction concept.

Na-VisionTag is the component of Na-if able to interpret and manage the objects equipped with Tags placed on the Surface.
Through it, Na-if is able to perform special functions and applications related to the Tag, how it is placed on the surface, its angle of rotation and speed of movement.
Each object equipped with a tag can be associated to a virtual object (augmented reality) which can interact with the application software.

Through the Na-Vision engine, it is possible to track everyday objects placed on the surface of Na-If, to associate particular features to those object and follow their spatial positioning.
It is also possible to connect the object to the system (if it is an intelligent device such as smartphone, netbook or notebook) to exchange contents via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Na-If systems are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth for transferring data to and from user’s devices such as smartphone or netbook.
This feature allows a quick and easy sharing of contents and the equally instantaneous exchange of information between the system and external devices.

Na-If network enables pear-to-pear communication among Na-If systems and among them and a central server. This implementation allows the exchange of information between systems in an efficient, safe and as natural as possible, way.

Na-If is able to recognize and interpret user gestures, turning them into commands to the system.
If the user performs with a finger a circular motion on the screen, Na-If recognizes the gesture and performs the connected functionality .
This is valid for more complex gestures too, such as those involving the use of more then one finger. This feature allows user to “manipulate” the objects displayed on the screen in the most natural way.
So the user can interact with virtual object as he does today with real objects.

Access to the system is possible via smart card contactless or special recognition tags, to ensure maximum safety of access to the system and to make proximity payments (Mobile Payment).

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